The Shirt Series

Episode 1

The Shirt Series
February 13, 2018 gagliardi.ab84

The Working Gent

In this episode, our experts will guide you on the perfect shirt to wear to work. We have advice for everyone; from the clean, crisp and classy to the statement makers.

Keeping it Classy

For the gent who likes to look timeless in his work attire, we have plenty of classic shirts to ensure that you won’t get bored of your daily routine. We recommend trying different textures from plainsoxfords, twills and herringbones. Try and stick with the classic colours if the conservative look is more up your street; white, blue, pink and purple.

Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays may be a ritual at your office, but they might also be a daily thing. Our tip to you; have fun with it, and don’t overthink it. Stick with the colours you love and be adventurous in checks and stripe patterns. If plain shirts are more in your comfort zone, try our raspberry or purple oxford shirts.
If you opt to go open collar, choose to wear a buttondown collar style for that iconic presidential JFK touch. We can assure you that you will still be looking on the ‘right side of smart’ and professional with these tips. So don’t be afraid to ditch the tie.


Making a Statement

Some gents just have a flair for power-dressing, and maybe that’s right up your alley. So, we all know that there’s an art to pairing bold shirts to statement jackets or suits, but the question is; how do we own the bold look?
Let’s start from the basics: This diamond print shirt boats sprezzatura, yet its base colour is mostly white, which makes it easy to pair with most blue jacket colours.
The bold stripe is also another way to add some flair to your wardrobe. We even took this one step forward and paired it with our navy striped double breasted suit. 

Why Shop Mirabilis?

The Mirabilis shirt range of luxury shirts adds finesse to any outfit. Design highlights incluse inner back neck pipings, back neck tapes and inner contrast collars and cuffs. Fine fabrics are only used, all crafted at Canclini Tessile; a leading Italian Mill.