The Eveningwear Editorial

The Eveningwear Editorial
December 27, 2017 gagliardi.ab84

Tuxedo Tips

With social soirees in full swing, cocktail parties tomorrow and gala dinners round the corner, you might be thinking- how can I look timeless yet original at the busiest time of the year?

Our experts have come up with 5 Tuxedo Tips.

Listen up..


1. The Dress Shirt

The classic white dress shirt is generally the way to go. Try and mix it up with a wing tip collar shirt with a bib front. But that’s not all; be a little bit more adventurous and match the colour of your tux or jacket to your shirt.

2. The Jacket

If you are more inclined to wearing a jacket and trouser combination, you are definitely taking the next step to standing out from a sea of tuxedos. Don’t fear this combination, you will still look as refined as ever. A midnight blue jacket is undoubtedly the first choice for colour. Although, some might argue that a white jacket may reminice that old Hollywood style and glamour of the 50’s.

3. The Accessories

An essential accessory to your evening look is the black bowtie, but here at Gagliardi we like to play it up a bit differently. Hands down, the details are what makes a Gagliardi Gent. One other tip: Beware of the open collar- Our advice is is to wear a silk scarf or cravat.

4. The Shoes

Step into the New Year wearing a sleek black shoe. But don’t be boring, take our advice and pick what shoe would suit you best.

For a Bold Look- The Double Monk Shoe

For the Classic Gent- The Lace up Shoe

For the Modern Man- The Loafer

5. The Overcoat

Choosing the right formal overcoat is the finishing tip to our Tuxedo Guide. It’s quite simple- Nothing beats the classic black coat, but how about that faux fur collar coat? This is your moment to embrace the cold, but please don’t forget, you are going to look damn fine either way!

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