How to dress for seasonal events

How to dress for seasonal events
July 19, 2017 Salvatore Gagliardi

Every man’s biggest head-scratchers is what to wear to events that take place in the summer, when most of us would rather be wearing swimming trunks and very little else. Indeed, from weddings to art exhibition openings, we are often put in a position when we think we have to choose between comfort and style… but that doesn’t have to be the case!

Gagliardi’s highly-breathable Super 110 wool suits, for example, help you look refined without making you deal with the heaviness or stifling feeling of a traditional suit. The fabric, which looks and feels lighter, is loved by brands across the board and selected by a number of world-renowned names including Ermenegildo Zegna and Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, who have also chosen it for their summer formalwear. Structured and well-formed, these suits will help you look your finest at any event, and can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories or by not wearing a tie and leaving your collar button undone.


The biggest dilemma for men in summer, possibly reaches its peak when an invitation rolls in for a formal event; say a black-tie event or a ball. This leaves the majority of us perplexed. Are we really meant to keep that jacket all night long whilst we dance the night away?

With the launch of the Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2017 evening wear only a few days ago, Gagliardi, kept the hot summer days in mind, whilst still retaining a look that oozes old Hollywood glamour and a timeless attire. Microfibre weaves provide a subtle shiny effect, but retain all the breathable properties of summery jackets. Evening jackets such as the Circle Design Evening Jacket, the Blue Jacquard Evening Jacket and the Black with Silver Weave Evening Jacket all provide a window of opportunity to really individualise your formal wear.

Gagliardi evening wear

Gagliardi evening wear

For those who like to pull the ‘play it safe’ card out of their pockets, more simplistic looks are also available. Classic Black Evening Jackets like the Plain Evening Jacket with Shawl Lapel are instant bestsellers and we are not surprised. These plain jackets compliment your silhouette providing the best fit possible and keep a bold detail through the use of contrasting lapels or shawl collars.

Mix and match Gagliardi evening jackets with the Plain Black Evening Trousers, which go with any of the evening wear jackets mentioned above.

Gagliardi black dinner jacket

For something less formal than a full-suit but which will still give you that all-important sense of lightness, breathability and freedom, you can also opt for linens or cottons whilst looking classy. Our advice, however, is to mix-and-match tops and bottoms to create an ensemble that looks as summery and composed as you’ll feel.

The Sky Blue Fine Stripe jacket comes in slim or contemporary fits, is made from 100 per cent linen and is single breasted. Its striking hue may push the boundaries slightly but, when combined with a pair of White Twill Cotton Trousers, it simply becomes a statement in a traditional-looking outfit.


What is important – especially in the summer months – is to balance not just colours but also fabrics and textures. It is wise to stay away from materials like wool or polyester, which may not always feel thick or heavy to the touch but which will make it harder for you to stay cool.

Having said that, don’t ever feel like summer is not a time to make brave fashion choices or a time not to follow the appropriate dress code for an event. With a bit of help from a knowledgeable sales person, you’ll be sure to find something that looks good while helping you feel great on the day of that big event!