A Summer Guide to Linens

A Summer Guide to Linens
April 28, 2017 Salvatore Gagliardi

Cool and breathable, linen is a wonder-material that has become every stylish man’s summer favourite.



Made from the stalks of the flax, linen is the result of a laborious process that starts with the harvesting of the plant and ends with the spinning of the fibres. The quality of the final product depends on a number of factors, including the weather conditions the plant is grown in and the way it is ultimately harvested, to the technique used to spin the yarn; and it is this which makes linen a costly fabric.


The benefits of good linen, however, have been undisputed for almost 6,000 years and, from its weight to its properties, the fabric remains a firm summer favourite for both casual and formalwear. Highly breathable, absorbent and long-lasting, linen is perfect for hot and humid climates, and thanks to its versatility, it can be worn in almost all circumstances, be it at the beach or to a wedding.


Having said that, linen has the tendency to crumple – but that is a trait that people from the riverbanks of the South of France to the hills of Tuscany have embraced. After all, the relaxed nature of the fabric goes perfectly well with the cool confidence needed to pull it off. Yet that doesn’t mean that linen has to look shabby or too unstructured.

When worn well, linen is the perfect fabric to see you through a stifling hot summer, and the best way to achieve a carefully assembled yet effortless look is to juxtapose textures… By mixing the slightly furrowed texture of a linen suit with a crisp cotton shirt and silk accessories, for example, you’ll create an aesthetic and tactile balance that evens out the score between being comfortable and looking sharp – something that is essential for a summer wedding or a formal reception.

Alternatively, if your morning couldn’t get any busier and you are running errands like crazy, simply throw in a plain white shirt under a linen jacket, pair it with jeans and you’re good to go.

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Colour is also important when putting together an outfit that incorporates one or more pieces made from linen. Darker shades help lessen the look of creases, making them ideal for formal situations when you have to be at your sharpest and most put together – as can be seen by the Navy and Dark Stone Linen Mix and Match Three-Piece Suits by Gagliardi. Meanwhile lighter shades veneer a layer of calmness and coolness to the garment, making them the top pick for morning weddings or lunch in the sun – as can be seen by the Mid Blue and Stone Linen Mix and Match Three-Piece Suits by Gagliardi, which are formal and fun at the same time.

As the names of Gagliardi’s suits’ attest, mixing and matching when it comes to linen isn’t only possible but encouraged. As the summer weather takes over, amalgamating colours and textures in your outfit is a great way of injecting personality into it.

Ultimately, although creases may be seen as a major drawback to this age-old favourite, its feel and flair have ensured its survival: the trick is to always strike a balance between textures, whether it’s pairing a linen shirt with tailored chinos or shorts, a linen suit with a cotton shirt, or linen trousers with boat shoes.

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