A Spotlight on Fabric Quality

A Spotlight on Fabric Quality
June 24, 2016 Salvatore Gagliardi
Spotlight on Fabric Quality

When you’re buying a suit we know its comes down to cut, colour, style and shape. But what about fabric quality? That changes everything. After all, fabric hugely impacts how comfortable you feel in your suit, especially when it comes to feel, touch and breath-ability.

The majority of our suits are made from Italian fabrics by celebrated names including Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lanificio T.G. di Fabio and Loro Piana. Not only do they look great, but they feel fantastic too. Here’s why:

You may have spotted terms – like Super 110 or Super 120 – on your suit label, and the significance of this is all down to the fabric that that suit is made from. In fact, just like cotton sheets have different thread counts, suit fabrics also vary depending on how narrow the wool fibres are, and this determines how soft the fabric feels to the touch.

Gagliardi Suit Fabric Quality

The way your suit looks and feels all starts with our choice of raw material. At Gagliardi we use the best quality merino wool from New South Wales in Australia. In fact, many of our suits are made specifically from the finest 12-micron merino wool. This is derived from sheep bred especially for this purpose, using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is this high quality fabric that creates the look, feel and silhouette that we strive for in every suit and every garment.

That said, just because a suit feels lovely and soft doesn’t mean it’s the ideal choice for every occasion. Here, we break down the suit fabrics used in our SS16 collection, so that you can your perfect choice.

Gagliardi Fabric Quality

Super 100

Practical, durable and hard-wearing, every gentleman needs a Super 100 suit in his collection. While the ‘100’ is still a deluxe fabric, it is also well-suited to a fast-paced life as it doesn’t crease and will look great from morning to night. This grey overcheck three-piece suit is an excellent example of this season’s key look – paired with a matching double breasted waistcoat, a classic white shirt and hip pink tie it is the ultimate essential.

 Grey With Red Overcheck Super 100 Fabric

Super 110

Luxury starts here and many of our suits are made from Super 110 wool – it’s a fantastic fabric for outfits that add wow factor in the boardroom but which can be worn everyday. Super 110 is durable and hard-wearing, but also lightweight enough to be worn all year round.

Dark Grey & Blue Overcheck Super 110 Fabric

Editor’s Note:

The Super 110 piece is one of our most popular fabrics, which is why we selected it for use in many of our key looks this season. This dark grey and blue overcheck suit is the perfect example of Super 110 style for Spring Summer ’16. Classic and sharp, it pairs perfectly with a crisp blue shirt and bright patterned tie. Or, for an even more classic corporate sensibility, this navy micro two-tone suit will be a charming and practical addition to any wardrobe.

Navy Micro Two Tone Super 110 Fabric

Super 130

This is the most luxurious suit fabric in our SS16 collection. The higher number – 130 – denotes the finer quality of the wool and the silky-smooth texture of this suit. It is certainly more delicate than a Super 110 or 120, but it exudes class and luxury for the season – and is ideal for making an entrance on those most special occasions.

This navy and grey windowpane suit is a joy to wear, and it evokes the lightheartedness of the season. The fabric feels amazing to the touch and exudes that luxurious quality demanded by the Gagliardi gent.

Navy & Grey Windowpane

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