Dress to impress

Dress to impress
November 5, 2015 Gagliardi

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Those unforgettable first impressions are pretty much of the same lasting effect as those famous last words. You make your grand entrance into a room and either nobody noticed you or you’re noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Attending a job interview can already be a daunting experience in itself, especially when you are sidestepped before you utter your very first word. Suddenly your skillset does not make any more sense to the employer. It also happens at business meetings when you wonder why you did not manage to clinch that deal when it seemed so very straightforward.


Many men fall into the trap of pretending it is all right not be a Prima Donna. It sure is, but neither is it all right to feel a nonentity when somebody looks over you with glaze in their eye as if you’re not even worth considering. A disarming charm and being of an articulate nature do help, but there are certain assets tied to your apparel and the way you wear it, which are probably sitting on your lap and from which you are evidently not benefiting.

Remember that your clothing speaks louder than words. Shabby, dirty, soiled, torn, creased. If any or all of these adjectives describe anything you are wearing right now, you have already embarked on your journey that will lead you to that disastrous first impression.

Start from the bottom and work your way up for a quick-fix method to impress others positively….

Footwear – This should have … a high shine, be well spruced, be properly laced up,  be free of scuffs and well heeled. Anything sloppier than that should be avoided.


Socks – These should be of a colour which complements your outfit, have firm elastic and be clean and hole free. Avoid faded, floppy socks like the plague and wear them long enough to avoid skin showing between them and your long trousers.

Trousers – A shine on knees or seat indicates these trousers need a good wash and press-down. Soiled fly, torn hem, bloated knee pads, creases….these simply state that it’s time to get your act together, throw the trousers out or have them professionally cleaned, steamed, pressed and mended.

Shirt – Creased, tired looking, faded shirts scream of shabbiness in demeanour. It takes very little to iron a shirt, to discard an old one and pull a fresh one from storage.

Jacket – Drab looking jackets which are way too large or small for you, say nothing of your self-respect. Get the best one you have re-fitted by a professional tailor.

This in short is a guideline on what you can do IMMEDIATELY to improve your image. Dress as if you’re going to a special place every day. Even if your wardrobe is reduced to just one good outfit, make that the special outfit that will get you noticed. Complement it with a good and clean hairstyle/cut, pristinely manicured hands and you’re set to go. It’s all about self-discipline, because good looks need to be nurtured all the way.

Do you have any other tips on how to look your absolute best? 

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