Gagliardi meets Loake

Gagliardi meets Loake
July 2, 2015 Gagliardi
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At Gagliardi, quality men’s clothes and quality shoes have come together in a marriage of stylish tradition. During recent months Gagliardi has joined forces with the prestigious brand of English shoemakers Loake, in a bid to bring its customers a selection of footwear from one of the best shoemakers in Europe.

Loake which was established in 1880, has depended on traditional craftsmanship to manufacture elegant handmade men’s shoes successfully for five generations. Now all shoes being sold from Gagliardi are made by Loake in Northamptonshire, England where they are created around the Mediterranean, clothing brand. Thus Gagliardi is effectively ensuring top-notch quality and wearability also within its footwear range.

With its classic lines, sturdy quality, elegance and versatility, the Loake shoe is an enviable accessory to own. The range of Loake shoes available within the Gagliardi range include loafers, brogues, Derby shoes and desert boots. Genuine leather is utilised throughout, polished to a high sheen as in the case of the classic Derby shoes. Alternatively fine coloured suede is used as in the case of loafers and desert boots and two coloured leather as in a typical two-tone scenario for leather brogues.

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Leonardo Dicaprio wearing Loake in The Wolf of Wallstreet

Caring for your Gagliardi Loake shoes is tantamount to maintaining and enjoying them for a long time to come. These classic shoes are meant to last with styles and colours that bridge over time. Therefore it is important to stress that appropriate leather care should be respected, using professional cleaning products, whether one is cleaning polished or matter leather or coloured suede.

The aspect of airing the shoes well in between use should not be overlooked. Apart from the benefits to one’s feet, airing shoes allows the leather to dry out from all forms of humidity – internally from human perspiration and externally from rain or street water onslaught. Resting shoes should be ideally supported by the specially made professional Gagliardi shoe trees, also on sale on-line. These help keep the handmade structure of every Loake shoe integrally sound and stable and your shoes will love you for their rest.

This season the range of shoes on sale by Gagliardi echoes the character of the brand’s spring summer collection of outfits. Loafers are available in 12 different shapes and styles ranging from white and beige to orange, blue and red. Some of the styles come with tassels, other are in typically casual moccasin style. These shoes are the perfect match for weekend wear, boating trips, golfing or evenings on the beach. At the other end of the spectrum , dressing up with a Gagliardi Loake shoe is easy to do with Derby shoes that are all rigourously in black leather, and excellent to wear with one of the Gagliardi suits in stock. Choosing good footwear remains the easiest part of your shopping experience with Gagliardi and Loake footwear.


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