Introducing the Spring Summer 2015 Gagliardi Lookbook

Introducing the Spring Summer 2015 Gagliardi Lookbook
May 19, 2015 Gagliardi

At Gagliardi we approached this season with sport in mind. But it had to be a unique kind of sport which brings together men of leisure who possibly have time to spend out in the open, courting sunshine, avoiding bunkers and the enjoying the occasional shade of a tree. Because golfing has its unique hotspots, we travelled to Tuscany purposely to inspire ourselves in preparation for the SS ‘15 collection.

What has materialised is what you can enjoy wearing with extreme confidence. It is a collection inspired by golf but not entirely for golf-playing gent. We are well aware that men look for practical comfort, easy-to-wear clothing and the option of looking fresh all day, even when the heat is unquestionably on.

Gagliardi Spring Summer Look book

We looked to the colours first , which this summer include a typical golfing green, sky blue, vintage greys and browns, de rigueur white, tender apricot and a shot of racing raspberry to finally zest things up. Each colour shade has been studied in detail so as to allow an easy mix/match arrangement within the entire Gagliardi wardrobe.

Casual elegance, unfussy style and lightweight quality dictated the build of the garments. We sought to dress our gentleman in rounded well shaped shoulders and slim fits that are in tune with contemporary fashion silhouettes. Tailored aspects of the collection create the smart touch which evokes consistent elegance.

In a bid to exceed ourselves, we looked with great attention at very specific fabrics. All rigorously lightweight in quality, many are comfortably pre-washed and incorporating elastane for the efficient provision of fabric stretch, so much needed for easy movability.

Gagliardi Spring Summer Look Book

A considerable number of suits have been tailored using luxurious fabrics from the renowned mills of the Italian Biella region. The target of obtaining an element of ‘easy-to-wear’ characteristics have allowed wardrobe staples to mix fashionably with any item picked out of the selection of trousers, shorts or freshly introduced denims.

Polo shirts and stretch jersey tees, cotton cashmere knitwear as well as linen/cotton mix knitwear vie for attention. Again, the knitwear collection is made in Italy throughout. All of these provide the feel-good factor on the green and elsewhere when early morning strolls or late evenings on the boat require extra coverage.

Gagliardi Spring Summer Look Book

Weekend shirts are also made of the very best fabrics, which allow for breathability and comfort. Away from the golf course, city shirts come also in non-iron format, with poplin, twill, gingham and Sea Island cotton being amongst the fabrics most used.

What’s the added dash? The stripes, checks, colour combinations inspired also by the accessories themselves which are hinted at via subtle and unique details on jackets, linings and cuffs.

Standing out from the crowd and showing individuality is easily achievable, if you so desire. However, please don’t forget to mark your score card while on the green.gagliardi-spring-summer-look-book-1gagliardi-spring-summer-look-book-1gagliardi-spring-summer-look-book-1gagliardi-spring-summer-look-book-1Gagliardi Spring Summer Look book