The City Mac: For Rainy Days

The City Mac: For Rainy Days
November 20, 2014 Salvatore Gagliardi
The City Mac: For Rainy Days

Think stylish raincoat, think mackintosh. A staple classic that owes its name to the Scottish chemist who patented his creation of waterproof fabric in 1823, the mackintosh is a glorified raincoat which speaks of fashion sense, whichever way it is worn. Not to be confused with the trench coat, which is made of waterproofed fabric, comes lined and is of a thicker and heavier consistency since it was originally meant to keep soldiers in trenches both warm and dry, the mackintosh is made of unique rubber-like and flexible fabric that is extremely lightweight, easy to carry around and pack away in limited space.

The City Mac: For Rainy Days: Sleeve Detail

For this reason the mackintosh or Mac is a staple favourite with busy people, most especially those who work in cities, in offices, travel frequently and hate to carry a cumbersome and often lost umbrella. The classical style of this coat achieved some notoriety in the public’s subconscious thanks to it being worn by flashers, TV detectives and Hollywood screen gangsters with reliable frequency. However the mackintosh has nonetheless survived successfully thanks to its alluring convenience which has been regularly tapped by key fashion designers.

The popularity of the mackintosh soars in typical autumnal or wintery British climate and it is worn with peace of mind in the typically unreliable, London weather. But of course, its lightweight quality makes it superb for spring-time when you only need one extra layer to keep comfortably cool.  Moreover it is the kind of garment whose flexibility adapts to different kinds of outfits.  The mackintosh traditionally comes with its own buckled belt, but can be worn easily both with and without.

The City Mac: For Rainy Days: Collar Detail

The buckle is very rarely used and most people will just tie the loops in a light knot to keep the mackintosh from billowing around in the wind. A City Mac which is a modern rendition of the traditional garment generally comes without the belt and is a straight down overcoat with a flattering silhouette.   A typical City Mac can be seen up close in the latest Gagliardi collection and comes in a very versatile beige colour.

Consider how the garment can be dressed up or down, according to the outfit beneath.  It will blend well on top of jeans and a sweater when chosen in a very sporty colour such as  tan, beige, khaki or grey, and with its sleeves gently rolled up to add dash to the casualness.  Navy, dark grey or brown are excellent colours to wear over a three-piece suit.

The City Mac: For Rainy Days Black and White

For the evening, wear a mac with ease by selecting a very dark grey or black mackintosh. Supreme elegance dictates that you keep the mac open, its collar held up to cover your evening shirt collar.

The City Mac: For Rainy Days: Cream

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